Four Daughters
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Unique treasures for the Cowgirl or Cowboy in everyone!

four daughters is a family run business, the "bookends" Jesse & Lyle are running the shop at 36 e broadway, Jackson, WY  The rest of the family plays a huge role!

Featuring local artists: Matt Cardis, Emily Boesflup, Jesse Emilio, Matt Tosi, Lyle & Jesse Gestal.
Other artists include: Abby Delk, our mom (the mother of 4 daughters!), our aunt Laurie & MORE to come!
Please stop in to check out our vintage jewelry boxes; rustic hand tools; Navajo "Mesa Bling" jewelry & artifacts; wagon wheels; antiques; frames; buckets galore & different gifts for anyone.

We look forward to seeing you off the square in Jackson!

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